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Job openings for recruiters: Signs of an improved labor force

Resume in hand
Resume in hand
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According to the latest unemployment rates (labor force) statistics released by the California employment development department in Jan. 14 for cities and sub-county places, the city of Glendale’s unemployment rate is 7.6 percent, the county of Los Angeles at 8.8 percent and the city of Los Angeles at 9.7 percent. (This data is measured against a March 2012 benchmark and not seasonally adjusted.) These numbers are lower than the January 2013 data showing 9.5 percent, 10.9 percent, and 12.0 percent respectively.

Six years have lapsed after the big crash in 2008 and the process in finding a job remains difficult on a daily basis despite improved statistics. Mass layoffs and store closures throughout the country continue. For those unemployed, the acceptance of the first job offer comes after 9 months or more of unemployment.

Shirleen Deppler, S.P.H.R., M.B.A., owner to Deppler Consulting an executive coach and a job coach to regular employees. Ms. Deppler subcontracts with consulting companies such as TTG Consultants and Mullen and focuses on career development, team building, and career transitioning for those fortunate to have received a layoff package including 60 hours of her time.

During a recent phone meeting, she was asked why finding a job remains difficult for employees in technology? She said “in terms of IT employees, staying in one job with a single employer for many years can be a big disadvantage, because one’s skills may not be current and out of touch or broad enough and the need for such employees may be smaller due to the trend for most companies to host their IT needs on the cloud.

“With IT, it is a young person’s game. If one is a baby boomer, your boss may be younger than you. There may be a glut in some industries making it harder for people to find jobs in their known niche and in some cases the need for one’s position may no longer be there such as with IT employees and cloud computing. Broaden your skills by adding new ones and recertify your previous skills.”

Ms. Deppler has seen a pickup in the job market by noticing job ads listed for HR recruiters. “If the HR recruiters feel more confident about the job market and are willing to move around and take on new jobs then it is a good sign for the rest of us.”

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