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Job Offer: how to evaluate pros and cons

Looking for a job is not that easy task to accomplish, and to use your degree properly you should find the best position for you. Every job offer you may find exploring city of Austin employment may be attractive and flattering, with all the benefit packages and titles, but to choose the right offer without having to waste your time and the time of HRs of the companies you may apply to, you should look at several criteria.


It would be perfect if the position advertised in the offer you will have an opportunity to use the skills you’ve got when studying in the school, and thus achieve personal success and improve the company you are going to work for. Getting even more skills from job training and the work itself is another great thing you should be looking for in the position. Make sure the job would be challenging and interesting, as there is no worse career stopper than boredom and simple tasks. Make sure the position you are offered has promotion perspectives.


Choosing the city with cultural, social and economic benefits is not that easy in fact, but still important for your career and personal life as well. In case you are a fresh graduate and you are heading for a work at bank, you can surely choose the city with career benefits only, as long as couple first years you will most likely have no time for extracurricular stuff and personal life. In couple years you may move to another city that would be more socially friendly and allow you feel at home. If it is supposed that you will work late hours, find a dwelling nearby the office.


It is hard to work effectively if you have bad relations with your colleagues. If there is such possibility, try meeting your potential colleagues beforehand and try to notice the working habits of managers and boss. If you feel comfortable imagining that you work with these people, it might be so in real.

Salary and Benefits

When considering the salary, make sure you count the bonuses and specific benefits the company may be offering, as sometimes low salary plus bonuses altogether gives you a lot more than the other company having no bonuses. If you are to work in another city of country, calculate the purchasing power, as the same amount of money can bring you to different places depending on the region. Look at the costs and prices and see if the offered salary would be enough for comfortable living.

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