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Job market is coming back, but people continue to struggle

The job market is starting to come back. But many people are continuing to struggle.

Many of the jobs that were lost in the great recession have gradually come back, but a large number of people have left the workforce and never come back. Many lack skills compatible with the new economy, have lost positions to people willing to work for less in other nations, or become to discouraged to seek new jobs.

"I spent 18 months looking for work. Finally I was able to get a job as a cashier at a small store. But it was not like the administrative job I once had," said Candice Domingo.

"I am going to school now and I hope to use what I learning in computers to establish a new career. I had been working as a hotel manager," said Sophia Diaz.

"I have been looking for work as a paralegal. But jobs in law are hard to find and now I am working as a server in a restaurant," said Miguel Hernandez.

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