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Job market continues to remain competitive

The job market still remains sluggish, and the end result is an extremely competitive job market, where many qualified job seekers are overlooked in the hiring process due to the overwhelming number of job applicants.

According to Simon Sinek best selling author of "Start with Why" says "What lands someone a job interview is taking the unconventional approach, which allows you to stand out in today's highly competitive job market.

Astrology can give you information, insights, timing of your job search, and landing your job.

The planet Jupiter the giver of luck and good fortune, opens doors and creates opportunity. When Jupiter is at the same degree as your natal Sun, either in the same sign, or a sign that is three signs away, or in the opposite sign, this will be the time that opportunity in a job search is best for you.

During this time you should make an effort to build your foundation in job hunting. Update and rewrite your resume, look at job posting boards, get the word out, and network.

Jupiter will open the door, it will be up to your to walk through the door prepared to make an impression.

The planet Saturn, symbolizes hard work, the time it takes to accomplish anything, and accepting accountability and responsibility. A Saturn aspect to your Sun means you can land a new job, or improve your current job situation.

A Uranus transit to your Sun means expect the unexpected, anything can happen. You may be laid off, or unexpectedly have your dream job offered to you. This transit is an opportunity to do something different. Many people change careers under this aspect. If you are wondering whether or not the reorganization in your company will impact your job, take a look at the Uranus/Sun transit in your Astrological forecast. If you have an Uranus aspect to your Sun, then it is time to dust off your resume, look for a new job, your pink slip is just a few weeks away.

The planet Neptune transit to your Sun is a difficult transit to have if you want to make a career move. With a Neptune transit it is easy to fool yourself or overlook the practical points of remaining in your present job, for a move to a tropical island and seek employment there. A Neptune transit is a time to dream, and when you awake from the dream the reality will not live up to the expectation

A Pluto transit is the perfect time to seek new employment opportunities. During this transit it is important that you stay focused, and not be pulled into power struggles with others. Pluto transits demand transformation. If you are not ready to make a move, Pluto will do it for you, and not in a manner that you will like, such as the unexpected lay-off just before Christmas or just when you applied for a mortgage on your new home.

The Pluto transit is the perfect time to seek counseling, vocational or psychological, on how to improve yourself, your skills, and your image. Understanding how you make the decisions you make and how they may have been holding you back from where you want to go, needs to be explored in a Pluto transit.

An appointment with a professional astrologer will help you navigate through your job search. Your astrologer will help you know when is the best time for you to land a new job, what to look for and do in the interview and where to seek employment.

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