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Job hunting tips for veterans in Houston

This article is dedicated to all the military professionals who have served our country. If you or someone you know has served in the military these tips can help prepare for job hunting in Houston. There are many companies looking for talented military men and women who are looking for careers. It is important that when you start your search you make sure that you consider the following tips:

1. Design your resume transferring your military skill sets into the private sector. Military professionals have many skill sets from training, human resources, management, recruitment and many other skills. Make sure the resume reflects those areas of expertise. Promote your accomplishments and keep your resume limited to 2 pages only.

2. Attend job fairs in Houston - many job fairs cater to military professionals. This is a great place to start networking.

3. Sign up on to network with the Houston business community.

4. Use your contacts from former military professionals to network. Get referrals.

5. Develop a list of companies that hire military workers by scanning the internet.

You may also contact for further information on resumes. This firm does offer discounts on resume services for veterans.


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