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Job hunting in a greening economy


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Looking for a job? Is environmental health a concern to you? Do you want to do something about it and get paid to do it? You can indeed. You can search for green jobs in a wide range of categories that utulize a wide range of skills, and many are right here in Chicago.

There are several "green jobs" sites online that provide searchable databases for job seekers nation-wide. Green Dream Jobs is one of the older, more established sites. This site lists nationwide options for jobs that is searchable by location, category, and skill level. There are several other sites online as well.

In Chicago, you could work as an educator, teaching high school students about the realities of climate change and motivating them to take action. Dynamic speakers with acting experience wanted.

You could manage a team of energy professionals working to provide implementation services for a commercial and industrial energy efficiency program. You could also manage a staff of engineers, energy advisors, and project coordinators.

Underwriters, finance experts, sales representatives, funding development coordinator, engineers, and more may all find jobs that utilize their skills and work toward a healthier environment.

The Chicago Green Collar Jobs Initiative takes a different approach to green jobs. Their mission: to develop a skilled workforce that is ready to meet employer demands in the new “green” market and to "capture new employment opportunities for Chicagoland low-skilled individuals." Their Green Industry Job Training Program has trained City of Chicago residents in landscaping, environmental health and safety, electronic recycling, professional development, and academic enhancement for nearly 15 years.

People with more technical backgrounds--engineers, chemists, geologists, and environmental safety specialists--may have more luck at Green Job Search. Using a variety of key words, a variety of job possibilities utilizing a range of other skills comes up as well.

Tree Hugger is a searchable site that breaks down job listings by category, job function, location, and experience level. The categories reveal the variety of jobs posted here: design/architecture; culture/celebrity; food/health; science/technology; travel/nature; and others.

Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, or ready for a change, go snoop around at some green job listings. You never know what might pop up!

Suggestions, comments, questions? Anything about environmental health that you would like to know about? Email your Chicago Environmental Health Examiner at Follow me on Twitter @chicagoenviron.


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