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Job fairs in Las Vegas: Expand your job opportunities

Did you know that February 2nd at the Texas Station Hotel Las Vegas from 11:00am to 2:00pm there will be a career fair? Or that in April 2010 there will be another job fair hosted by the Las Vegas Sun? Were you also aware that there are websites where you can register for free job fair notifications in Las Vegas? In my opinion, job fairs are a good way to break the online barrier and meet with people from all types of companies. While you may not be offered a job on the spot, attending job fairs can greatly increase your likelihood of at least obtaining a job interview.

Attending a job fair is a quick way to see what openings organizations are hiring for in multiple industries. Do not let the location for the convention sway your thoughts on the type of work opportunities you may find there. If you are only looking for a job in the medical field, do not disregard job fairs at the local casinos. Many employers from not only Las Vegas but out of the city do come to job fairs in Las Vegas to expand their candidate pool. You may be surprised just how many companies and public sector entities will recruit from conventions here.

Another bonus to attending job fairs in Las Vegas is that the companies’ representatives are there allowing you to ask them as many questions as you want! If your main concern is medical benefits or retirement, ask the job fair representative what that organization has to offer. Use the multiple recruiters awaiting your conversation to your advantage. That alone is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

For job fair notifications, check out and Las Vegas Sun Career Fair.

Also, keep in mind that many organizations here in the Las Vegas valley also have an automatic “Job Interest” forms online. With these, any job opportunities that open in your selected field will be sent straight to your inbox. Pretty neat, huh? Most of our public sector, hospitality and casino jobs offer this great tool. With the job interest automatic notifications, seeing if your favorite possible employer is hiring is as simple as checking your email!



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