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Job Fair will be held on August 19 at BB&T Center in Sunrise

More than 60 employers will come to a large job fair planned at the BB&T Center in Sunrise on August 19. There are at least 3,000 positions available in hospitality, another 2,000 sales jobs open in sales and about 200 security jobs available. Major employers who have promised to attend include Seminole Hard Rock & Casino, City Furniture and the Florida Department of Health, according to an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the August 17 Sun Sentinel.

This comes are time when people looking for jobs have better prospects of finding a job and those in a job can demand better pay and working conditions.

"I will probably go to the job fair. I have a background in hospitality and I would like a better job. If I get a good offer, I may use that offer to leverage for a promotion at my current job," said Clifford Williamson.

"It is about time that working people start to get some better opportunities. I can remember when it was hard to get any kind of an interview. Now I am seeing more and more opportunities and this is a good sign. I just hope the good times continue. It is always wonderful to have a good job with strong pay and benefits and security. It is never good when you are struggling to find a job," said Laura Jenson.

"I will probably go to this job fair. I work in hospitality and I would love to get a better job with more opportunities. I need to advance in my career. I would like to meet with some of the employers who are expected to be there," said Maria Gonzalez.

Many people will attend the job fair. And many of those who attend will find new and exciting opportunities.

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