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Job Creation : North Carolina's Road Map

Recently in Raleigh the political leadership and policy makers have developed a road map for jobs. There is a focus by the leadership to bring and create jobs in the state. Its a priority for leaders of both parties to bring work to North Carolina. Check out the released report on jobs in the State. Here is the road map :

They state in the Report : " R ural Prosperity: Last mile broadband along with market connectivity between port, rail and highways can shrink the gap between rural and urban economic growth. Efforts to complete the supply chain between commodity production and a renewed effort toward energy exploration and generation will be job generators for the long term. Rural tourism and focus on “Micropolitan” regions will drive an inventory of assets and gap analysis."

Another key point of this report stated : " 1. Convert university innovation into jobs.

A. To increase commercialization and collaboration, support a system for businesses and the external
community to “look in” to university expertise, capabilities and technologies.
B. Evaluate the tech transfer and commercialization rewards at each public and private North Carolina
University and provide legislative recommendations that incentivize long-term job creation over licensing.
C. Incent/reward Universities for converting research to jobs.
D. Provide competitive proof-of-concept funding to assist campuses in moving promising technologies and
strategies from theory into reality by facilitating proof-of-concept work "

So leaders in Raleigh are trying to find a road map to increase job opportunities in the State. They are working on this roadmap to bring jobs to North Carolina.

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