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Job Creation 101

What is bringing Jobs to North Carolina? What are Job Creators in the region? Enterpreneurs are a key in making job creation happen. Lawmakers in North Carolina are seeking ways to make it easier for Job Creation to occur in the State. However at the National level President Obama thought Art and Economy were not a match . Then of course the President apologized for giving less merit to Art . However, Art is fundamental in job creations in many sectors. In the Mountains of North Carolina there is a Wilkesboro Open Market and the main attraction are vendors with an artist flair.

Artist like Royall bring out their works and bring tourists to an area like Wilkesboro. Art brings tourists and tourist means money for the economy. These artists are entrepreneurs creating money from their art. This phenomena is also seen in places like Little Havana in Florida where artisans come out each month to Cultural Friday bringing their works and getting money at the end of the night for their unique craft. So Creativity and Job Creation can go hand in hand. Innovative things are being done in North Carolina to promote artisans and their entrepreneur spirit. Check out the article Artist Are Job- Creating Enterpreneurs too at :

Check out the Wilkesboro Open Air Market at : . What other measures are being done in Raleigh to help enterpreneurs like artist flourish in the State? Even in Raleigh American Made Style Clothing line is being developed by artists with a vision. Check out their Kickstarter Story at : ?ref=discovery . They have raised $ 3827 online to fund the clothing line.

Check out these Raleigh enterpreneurs at : .

So what is being done to foster more enterpreneurs like these in Raleigh?

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