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Joaquin Phoenix up for the role of Dr.Strange.

The Her actor is being consider to play The Master of The Mystic Arts
The Her actor is being consider to play The Master of The Mystic Arts

Many things are in store for Marvel this weekend. With Comic-Con pressing forwards, many fans are eager to see what Marvel Studio announces this weekend. While what Marvel Studios has in store remains a mystery, you can be sure that the upcoming Doctor Strange film will likely be mentioned. The movie has been all but confirmed with Scott Derrickson directing the movie, Joe Sapiths writing the script and Kevin Fiege very eager to produce the film. There are elements in the work for Strange, but the movie is still lacking its Sorcerer Supreme. There have been reports suggesting that Marvel has been looking at Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy to play the role. However, thanks to report from TheWrap, there is another name that Marvel is considering.

According the report, Marvel Studios is looking into Joaquin Phoenix to play the role of Doctor Strange. Joaquin Phoenix is indeed an actor of versatility. Phoenix is known for his role in Gladiator, Walk the Line, I'm Still Here, The Master and Her. In his career, the actor has been nominated for three academy awards. For Joaquin Phoenix to take up the role of Doctor Strange would be interesting. The actor has never been known for blockbuster, especially superhero films. Then again there is a first time for anything.

Though Phoenix is unfamiliar with this genre, that is not to say he could not pull off the role of the Master of the Mystic Arts. By just comparing images with the actor and the character, Joaquin could definitely pull off the appearance for Doctor Strange. Granted, looks alone can not make a character come to life. Fortunately though, Phoenix has proven time and again of being a diverse actor. Sure, Phoenix can be strange at times, but perhaps that is exactly what we need to see in a performance for Doctor Strange.

What do you think? Would you like to see Joaquin Phoenix play this mystical hero? Express your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tune for more updates on Doctor Strange.

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