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Joaquin Phoenix as 'Doctor Strange'? Not his usual venue, but in negotiations

Joaquin Phoenix in negotiations for the top role in "Doctor Strange."
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly well into the negotiations with the folks bringing "Doctor Strange" to the big screen. Phoenix, who usually steers away from big commercial flicks, is said to be in serious negotiations for taking the lead role of "Doctor Strange," according to The Hollywood Reporter on July 25.

Phoenix is perfect for the part as he has conjured up some of the best character acting ever seen on the silver screen. His still-waters-run-deep-type of presentation would fit well with the role of Dr. Strange.

Now it is just the matter of Marvel Studios, who is making the movie, to secure Phoenix for the role. It is unclear if Phoenix will accept the role, but from what the Hollywood Reporter is saying today, he is "further along than just the offer stage" of the deal.

The Marvel feature will be directed by Scott Derrickson and if Phoenix does take the role, he'll play the neurosurgeon who is also the Sorcerer Supreme. Can't you just see Phoenix playing the primary protector of the world and warding off the mystical and magical threats that come his way?

Yahoo Movie News reports that the buzz at Comic-Con had Marvel mulling over who will play the main character of Dr. Strange. They report that Benedict Cumberpatch, Jared Leto and Tom Hardy, but it seems as if Phoenix would be bringing in the big guns when it comes to names that entice movie goers, so he is top contender.

Who knows why Phoenix would venture away from his usual roles and consider taking on a big commercial feature like this. It could be that Dr. Strange was a favorite of Phoenix while growing up and that just might be enough to bring him on board the movie. "Doctor Strange" has been around since the '60s so generations have grown up knowing about this character.

Yahoo Movies reminds the fans of how Phoenix had more than a few people "calling doctor strange when he played a quirkier version of himself in that wannabe rapper docu I’m Still Here." Phoenix is a man who has a full spectrum of characters to pull from when playing a role such as this. If Phoenix does join the cast it will not only entice "Doctor Strange" fans to see the movie, but also Phoenix fans will want to see him play this odd part.

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