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Joanne Brocas on ‘The Power of Angels’

The Power of Angels
New Page

Joanne Brocas author of ‘The Power of Angels

(New Page Books/Career Press)

1. What is the difference between an angel and an archangel?

Answer: Archangels have more spiritual power bestowed on them than the angels due to their own spiritual evolution, which determines their place within the one spiritual hierarchy, of which we are all part of. The angels are highly evolved spiritual beings and from this rank of celestial beings we have the best known of all the angels – the wonderful guardian angels. Guardian angels help to guide and protect us throughout our lives and they often whisper helpful spiritual wisdom into our consciousness in the hope that we will listen. We have free will to listen or to choose another way. The guardian angels will not interfere with our spiritual growth, however they are concerned with helping us to remember our divine heritage so that we will have a conscious connection to a higher power. The mighty and powerful archangels are involved in bringing in different aspects of divine light to the earth to help us, our planet, and the universe, to become more in alignment with divine love and divine truth.

2. How can we start our personal connection to our guardian angel?

Answer: Your guardian angel is already with you. They already help you and have been doing so without your conscious awareness of this. They work behind the scenes of your life helping to uplift you when you are low, comfort you when you are grieving, administer healing energies to you when you are sick, protect you when they can see that you may be in mortal danger, (have you ever had any close calls but it all worked out ok?). To start your personal connection with your guardian angel simply means that you are now ready to become more consciously aware of divine power at work within your life. You will help to strengthen the relationship between you and your guardian angel through this conscious connection. Simply inviting your guardian angel to help you become more aware of their divine assistance within your life is all that you need to do. Just send a mental intention to your guardian angel asking them to give you a sign that they have heard your request and you will receive a sign within the next few days, or sometimes it can be instant. The most universal of all angel signs is the white feather. You may also receive the sign of a butterfly or robin. Ask and it is given! Your guardian angel is ready to form a personal connection to you and in doing so the energetic power between you will become more harmonious.

3. What do we need to do to hear, see, or feel the angels around us?

Answer: The angels exist on a faster and higher vibrational frequency than that of our physical selves and so the main way in which they will connect with us will be through spiritual means. When we attempt to raise our own energetic vibration through the process of spiritual growth, prayer to the Divine, personal development, study, contemplation, and the exploration of who we really are; then we will naturally begin to add power to our aura and our overall spiritual vibration will begin to speed up and elevate because of our shift in consciousness. This of course is an ongoing process that takes time and dedication. However, to be able to spiritually hear, see, and sense, the angels around you, then the regular process of mediation will help you to do so. Meditation will enable you to shift out of your physical awareness into a deeper state of spiritual awareness. Meditation, visualization, imagination, and the power of prayer, are the necessary energetic tools that will enable you to spiritually align with the angels and a higher power.

4. What signs can the angels bring us?

Answer: The most universal sign is the white feather, but the angels can also bring us many different colored feathers, which can help us to connect to different kinds of intuitive messages that align with each specific color. For instance; the color red is a sign that the angels are helping you with material life issues. The color orange can signify that the angels are helping you with overcoming difficult emotions, such as grief, guilt, and depression through the blocking of your creative expression. God’s Holy Angels can bring us many signs that are generally two-fold in nature; meaning that they can help us to have a tangible sign that the angels are around us, and they may also offer us gentle intuitive answers within that same sign to help guide us along our individual paths.

5. What can the angels help us with?

Answer: They can help us to strengthen our connection to a higher power by guiding us in our spiritual evolution. This can involve helping us find the right teachers in our physical life that are in alignment with our personal choice of spiritual growth. For instance; this can mean the choice of a certain religion as the angels are recognized in nearly every mainstream religion in the world because they are part of Divine Truth and Divine Love. They may be known by different names, or termed in different ways other than that of angel or archangel, but the essence is that they are the Holy Ones who work for the Divine to help serve humanity as well as being involved with their own spiritual evolution. The angels will take your prayers to God to be heard and they will then deliver the answers that are always in alignment with your greatest good. Again, what you need to take from this is “ask and it will be given!” You do not disturb them from helping another when you ask them for their assistance. There are more than enough angels for every single person in this world several times over.

6. Do our loved ones become angels when they die?

Answer: No they don’t because at this time they are still evolving in their personal stage of evolution within the human kingdom of the ONE spiritual hierarchy. We all exist at different expressions of spiritual growth and we will continue to evolve spiritually until we are able to move further along in our spiritual destiny.

7. How many angels are there?

Answer: It is said that the angels are innumerable because there are simply too many to count. They are delighted to help you and there are plenty of them available to do so, but also do remember that they are highly evolved spiritual beings and so they deserve to be treated with respect by showing them gratitude for their divine service.

8. What do angels look like?

Answer: The guardian angels are beautiful looking angels with human features and although they have no need for wings to fly, they are happy to appear with wings as we humans have formed a collective belief in this particular appearance. The angels have beautiful streams of light patterns that emerge from their energy field and which stretches outwards looking like magnificent wings of light. Artists portrayed these light patterns as wings and this became our conscious understanding of what angels look like. You can sometimes catch a quick physical glimpse of angelic energy when you see little sparkles of light or dancing dots of light energies that appear for seconds in your vision. During your meditation and through the avenue of your imagination and visualization, you can meet with and see exactly what you beautiful guardian angel looks like. You may also find they have a special unique symbolic gift just for you.

Angel Blessings,
Joanne Brocas

Joanne Brocas is a number one award winning and best-selling author with more than two decades of experience in afterlife communication and healing. During her childhood, Joanne communicated with her guardian angel and has maintained a very strong, clear connection with the spirit world and angelic realm throughout her life. Joanne is the founder of Chakra Medicine School of Energy Healing and Intuitive Development, helping to teach others how to develop their intuitive awareness, connect with the angels, and ignite their own healing power. To find out more about Joanne and her brand new online angel medicine healing course, you can visit her website at

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