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Joanna Gruesome Plays Brooklyn, Speaks Out Against Moshing

Potty Mouth at Shea Stadium, Brooklyn on August 26, 2014
Potty Mouth at Shea Stadium, Brooklyn on August 26, 2014
Kate Spalla

In front of a packed Shea Stadium crowd fit for The Well Dressed Feminist Convention And Their Dudes 2014, Joanna Gruesome headlined a good vibes punk show atop three acts Tuesday night.

The sold out show progressed in intensity with each band, leading to Joanna Gruesome’s late-night rager. Lead singer Alanna McArdle requested the audio engineer “crank it up” to max out noise.

Opening acts Potty Mouth, Perfect Pussy and The Love of Everything held more self-aware sound checks at the beginning of their sets. Meredith Graves acknowledged the gaff with some sweet sarcasm before launching into a high energy, spunky set with Perfect Pussy’s signature sharp guitars and punchy vocals.

Potty Mouth opened earlier with serious ‘90s style, both apparent from the garage rock sound and Ally Einbinder’s lingerie-as-a-dress. The band played a slew of less melodic songs at first, but warmed up to hair banging and fun crowd pleasers like “Bullseye.”

Though inaudible at times, McArdle commanded the tight crowd. Shea Stadium, an East Williamsburg venue is hidden behind an unmarked door and smaller than many studio apartments. The mosh space was small and contained between pillars.

The following night in Boston, a a woman in the crowd was hospitalized after a joshing accident. McArdle tweeted her upset about the incident by saying, “If you think that's ok, don't ever come to our shows, buy any of our stuff, or even acknowledge the existence of this band ever again.”

There were no known injuries at the New York show on August 26. Joanna Gruesome and all three openers who played in New York will play in Washington D.C. on August 30.

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