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Joan Rivers: Yorkville Endoscopy under review by health department

Update: It was just announced that Joan Rivers has passed away at the age of 81.

Clinic that performed outpatient surgery on Joan Rivers is under review
Photo by Jeff Schear

Joan Rivers went to Yorkville Endoscopy for a procedure to repair her vocal cords. Instead of being able to walk out, the celebrity ended up in the ICU. The star suffered respiratory distress and went into cardiac arrest. Fans have been hoping for a positive update, but the most recent information only shows that Rivers is out of intensive care and is in a private room at Mount Sinai Hospital. However, Yorkville Endoscopy is under review by the health department in New York state according to TMZ on Sept. 4.

Sources told TMZ that the health department has contacted Yorkville Endoscopy twice. This is the same clinic that Rivers had her procedure done. Officials say that they are "reviewing the matter," which could take weeks or months. The New York state Department of Health has not launched an investigation, which is different than a review.

The doctor who performed the outpatient procedure on Joan Rivers is not being targeted. At this moment, the health department is only looking at the clinic as a whole.

Joan Rivers was put in a medically-induced coma after she was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital. On Sunday, it was revealed that she would be brought out of that coma. However, this is a slow process that took until Tuesday to complete. It is unknown if Rivers is still on life support, but she has been moved out of ICU and into a private hospital room.

It is not clear yet what kind of effects the star will experience as a result of being without oxygen. Some effects are immediately noticable while others are more subtle. Nobody seems to know exactly how long Rivers was without oxygen. Inquisitr reported that just four to six minutes without oxygen can cause the part of the brain that controls motor function to be severely damaged.

Outpatient surgeries and procedures are becoming more common. However, there are certain patients that have an increased risk of injury, infection or death. One of the risk factors is age. Joan Rivers is 81 and no matter how healthy and strong a senior citizen is, advanced age is one factor in how risky a procedure is, even routine ones.

Thoughts go out to Joan Rivers and hopefully she will make a full recovery. Check back with Examiner for updates on her condition as they become available.

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