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Joan Rivers walks off CNN interview (Video)

Joan Rivers knows how to take it and dish it out as she has professionally done for her entire career. The 81-year-old comedian who bashes anyone who has relevance in today’s society, especially show business relevance – as that’s her schtick – was confounded by a CNN reporter who tended to lob continual negativity upon the comedy star. After several attempts to stop the negativity by CNN interviewer Fredricka Whitfield which was uncomfortably non-entertaining, Rivers did a first. She walked off the interview, according to Yahoo! News on Sunday.

Joan Rivers
Photo by Robin Marchant

On Saturday, Rivers was on CNN for an interview likely designed to promote her latest book, “Diary of a Mad Diva.” She has been here, there, and everywhere in television and print media since the book was released last Monday. Besides book talk, Whitfield spoke about River’s E! Network television show “Fashion Police” in which she called the show “mean.” Rivers was highly offended and defensive of the show being called “mean.” Rivers insists that she criticizes the clothes famous people wear on that show and not the people.

Out of left field, Whitefield basically called Rivers a hypocrite for wearing fur while fighting to end animal cruelty. That was likely the comment that got Rivers’ blood boiling to the point that she finally took her microphone off and headed for the door prior to the scheduled end of the interview. Rivers is known to be an animal lover, and suggested that any photo of her in fur would have to be from an animal that died 15 years ago. After constant criticism of herself, Rivers finally told Whitfield that the entire interview was turning into a defensive interview. In response to the fur clothing comment, Rivers asked Whitfield, “Are you wearing leather shoes? Then shut up.”

After approximately three minutes of interviewing by Whitfield, Rivers told the CNN interviewer, “You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry. After Rivers exited, according to the New York Daily News, Whitfield said that she thought Rivers’ rant was somewhat of a publicity stunt. It’s hard to believe that was a stunt at all. Rivers was clearly disturbed by the line of questioning and didn’t want to speak to Whitfield any longer. Whitfield claims that Rivers kept her microphone on, off-camera, and said some words that can’t be aired on television. Anyone who has seen Rivers’ live show can only imagine that.

Just days before, Rivers made show business headlines, as well. She reportedly was approached by a reporter on the street and asked if she thought the United States would ever have a gay president. Her response was that Americans already have a gay president in the White House now. She also said that Michelle Obama is a transvestite. It’s basically Rivers’ humor. You either get it or you don’t get it. Whitfield clearly doesn’t get it and was a terrible choice of interviewers for a Rivers’ interview.

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