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Joan Rivers is dead at 81: Melissa Rivers confirms her mother's death

Joan Rivers is dead at 81, announced her daughter Melissa in a released a statement.
Joan Rivers is dead at 81, announced her daughter Melissa in a released a statement.

Joan Rivers has died, she passed away just a little after 1 p.m. today. Her daughter Melissa released the statement this afternoon confirming her mother's passing, according to Fox News Live on Sept. 4.

Joan was taken out of ICU and was in a private room where she could “rest comfortable” with family and friends around her. The news that she was out of ICU had given fans hope of her recuperation, but that was not the case.

Melissa Rivers has been very open about her mother’s prognosis, saying that she was on life support. Last week the family was faced with the choice of taking her off life support, but nothing more was said of that decision, reports ABC News on Sept. 4.

It is still not known today if Joan Rivers was taken off life support or not. Rivers went in for a very minor throat procedure at a New York City clinic last week when she stopped breathing during the procedure and went into cardiac arrest.

She was rushed to the hospital, but it was not publicly known just for how long Rivers’ breathing had stopped as she had gone into cardiac arrest. The worries that her brain was oxygen deprived for too long remained a main theme through her hospital stay.

When first admitted to the hospital she was put in a medically induced coma. Over the weekend the plan was to slowly take Rivers out of the coma to test her abilities.

How that played out was never publicly divulged. Joan, who was 81, was at an out-patient clinic having this procedure done when something went wrong. This clinic was not set-up for emergency services.

Why was this doctor doing this procedure, however routine, on an 81-year-old woman at a clinic instead of doing this at a hospital? This is the question that Joan’s family wants answers to today, reports Fox News live this afternoon.

USA Today put it simply and correctly, "Comedy Queen turned Fashion Critic has Died." What is there left to be said about the lady who brought laughter to so many. Her daughter said today when releasing the news of her death, "Nothing made my mother happier than making people laugh."

Rivers has been on TV fairly consistently for the last 49 years. In 1965 Johnny Carson gave Joan her first big break. Carson said, "God you're funny." He predicted she would become a big star. He was right.

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