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Joan Rivers gets tables turned on her by David Letterman as he walks off set

Joan Rivers appears on SiriusXM last month, Tuesday night she got a taste of her own medicine when David Letterman walked out during their interview on 'The Late Show'.
Joan Rivers appears on SiriusXM last month, Tuesday night she got a taste of her own medicine when David Letterman walked out during their interview on 'The Late Show'.
Photo by Robin Marchant

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers got a taste of her own medicine Tuesday night, when Late Show host David Letterman got up in the middle of their interview and left the stage. Joan Rivers, 81, first made headlines over the weekend when she walked out of her interview with CNN's Fredricka Whitfield, claiming the entire tone of the conversation was negative.

Joan was defending her hostile actions to David Letterman while promoting her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva." Rivers criticized CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield for being judgmental, nasty, opinionated and very negative during her taped interview that aired this past weekend. "It was like my wedding night!", Joan quipped, according to the Daily News on July 8.

The funny copycat moment came just as Rivers continued on, telling Letterman that she was recently passed over for a Depends commercial. "While I'm talking to you, I'm taking a dump," Rivers joked, to which David Letterman promptly stood up and walked out.

Joan then continued the interview alone in David's absence, asking herself how her sex life was while calling herself an old b***h. She followed that up with a expletive-filled rant at how dry her lady parts are, according to TV Guide.

The CNN interview seemed to start off on a friendly note, but Joan became increasingly uncomfortable with Whitfield's barrage of what she felt was a negative line of questioning. Rivers had finally had enough and walked off the set.

The interview, which was taped earlier in the week, started out with Whitfield recounting Joan Rivers' multifaceted career as a standup comic, talk show host, movie star, and now host of E!'s "Fashion Police." But when the anchor called Rivers' fashion critiques very mean, and brought up the fact that she appears on the cover of her new book wearing fur, the octogenarian cut her off.

Joan defended her comments to Whitfield saying they're not mean, they're the truth. Rivers went on to explain that when she makes harsh comments about celebrities' outfits, it's not meant as a personal attack. It is not about the person, but about the clothing.

Joan also made the point that when she critiques celebrities who are making tens of millions of dollars on a picture, do you really think they care whether she likes their dress? But it was Whitfield's fur jab that was the final straw.

Suggesting to Rivers that her wearing fur may enrage animal rights activists, Joan shot back asking the anchor if she were wearing leather shoes. When Whitfield replied she was, Joan told her to shut up!

As she announced she was going, Joan defended herself saying she's made people laugh for 50 years, and the fur she wore was killed 15 years ago and that she works for animal rights. Rivers later clarified that the CNN interviewer was a news reporter and not an entertainment reporter.

The comedian pointed out that Whitfield did not seem to understand they were discussing a comedy book and not the transcripts from the Nuremberg Trial. You can watch the hilarious Letterman moment here, and even watch Joan's CNN departure by clicking here.

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