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Joan Rivers death mocked on Twitter by Palestinian supporters: 'It's karma'

News of comedian Joan Rivers' death is the buzz on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, but not everyone had something nice to say. There are countless tweets calling her out for her "you deserve to be dead" comment she made recently about Palestinians [video above].

Joan Rivers death mocked by Palestinian supporters
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Minutes after her daughter, Melissa, confirmed that her mother passed away, many fans of the legendary comedian started tweeting heartfelt thoughts, quotes and supportive messages for Joan's family. However, as is always the case with Twitter, it takes just a few mean-spirited people to turn a somber occasion into a war of the words.

While mostly positive messages are being tweeted about Joan Rivers, the negative messages from those who are not happy about her comments about the people of Palestine are plentiful.

Joan Rivers wished death to fall on the people of Palestine. A month later, she was on life support. Now, she's dead. #WatchWhatYouSay - @IMMY_ISLAM

Joan Rivers said she hopes all the people of Palestine dies, and now she's dead. Karma is a bitch. @gwallafamemp

i still hate joan rivers because of her saying all the palestine people deserve to die tf - @daddyIuke

So y'all just gonna forget all the terrible shit @Joan_Rivers said about #Palestine and everything else? #SurpriseSurprise - ‏@alexpayne

Joan Rivers died? No sympathy for her whatsoever... @2ssein

“@piarais91: Joan Rivers said that Palestinians should be dead because they were sub human.. Now she's dead. Long live #Palestine” - @Sabirah_Asma

Well this is interesting.. Joan Rivers wishes death upon Palestinians no one bothers. Now that she's dead people come out with how dare.. - @adnankhalid91

How Joan would have reacted to the negativity? There is no doubt she would come back with a classic, caustic comment.

Rivers, 81, died at 1:17 p.m. on September 4 with her family by her side. She spent almost week on life support at Mt. Sinai hospital after suffering from cardiac arrest during minor throat surgery at an outpatient clinic in New York.

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