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Joan Rivers, dead at 81

For Joan Rivers fans, today is a sad day. The comedienne passed away, surrounded by family and friends at the age of 81.

Joan Rivers, dead at 81
Joan Rivers, dead at 81
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Joan Rivers, dead at 81
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to San Francisco news station, KTVU Channel 2 News:
"Joan Rivers, who was known for more than 50 years for her sharp tongue, crude jokes, and no-holds barred roasts, passed away Thursday afternoon at the age of 81."

San Francisco resident, Jay Stevens, adds:

"Joan Rivers was hospitalized last week. She went into cardiac arrest at a Manhattan doctor's office, yet she was only having a routine elective procedure carried out.

I believe that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, told press that her mother had died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. I'm glad at least that she was surrounded by family and close friends at the time. But it's very sad"

Joan Rivers always wanted to make people laugh and smile and she would certainly want people to do that again, said Melissa Rivers of her mother.

So what was Joan Rivers' history?

Rivers had a career that spanned 50 years and nobody was safe from her jokes. Everyone, no matter what their race or gender, was subject to her scathing wit.

San Francisco's KTVU says: "She moved from longtime targets such as the weight problems of Elizabeth Taylor, of whom she said 'her favorite food is seconds,' to newer foes such as Miley Cyrus, and continued to appear on stage and on TV into her 80s."

She not only used her jokes to make people laugh, she used her humor as her own therapy as well and joked about everything from her sex life ("My best birth control now is just to leave the lights on") to the fact that she would eventually die.

In 2013 she told one interviewer with the Associated Press "I have never wanted to be a day less than I am," and then to another: "People say, 'I wish I were 30 again.' Nahhh! I'm very happy HERE. It's great. It gets better and better. And then, of course, we die," she laughed.

The comedienne born Joan Molinsky in Brooklyn NY, to the Russian immigrants Meyer Molinsky, a doctor, and Beatrice, his wife, will be sorely missed.

RIP Joan Rivers

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Source: KTVU Channel 2 News

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