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Joan Rivers calls President Obama gay, calls Michelle a trans slur

Joan Rivers promotes her new book 'Diary of a Mad Diva' on June 30, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Joan Rivers is known for saying some pretty outlandish things about Hollywood celebrities. How far is too far though when speaking about other people, well known or not? Rivers has been even more nasty than usual and some are wondering if it's time for her to throw in the towel. After recently telling a reporter that Barack Obama is gay and that his wife Michelle is a "tranny" according to a Saturday report in Huffington Post.

Rivers has been making plenty of headlines these days as she just released her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva." The most recent shocker was during a book signing when an interviewer started asking Joan a few questions. Rivers had just married a gay couple during a book signing. It was spur of the moment and a reporter was asking about it.

The reporter then asked Joan Rivers if she ever thought we'd have a gay president. That's when Joan said, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.“ Without hesitation Joan went on to say, "You know Michelle is a tranny." When the reporter asked her about the statement she clarified, "a transgender. We all know."

Now Joan is known for making some really mean comments about the rich and famous. She's made a career of it and on her show "Fashion Police" she and other judges literally tear apart the fashion choices and looks of the stars. Has she gone too far now though, making such outlandish comments about the President and First Lady?

For starters, the term "tranny" is considered a gay slur and is pretty insulting to the transgender community. To make matters worse, calling Michelle Obama a "tranny" or even a transgender in the context that she did is negative. It is disrespectful both to Michelle Obama and to the transgender community. She was being mean, plain and simple.

Just after this incident, Joan was interviewed by Fredricka Whitfield on CNN. She stormed out of the interview after proclaiming that she was being put on the defense and that everything Fredricka asked her was negative. She got most upset when Whitfield commented that she was really mean on "Fashion Police." Joan Rivers exclaimed that she is not mean, she is honest. Then she abruptly ended the interview and walked off the set.

It seems that Joan Rivers will say anything about anybody but she can't take the criticism when it's directed back at her. Do you think Joan Rivers is mean? Does she owe Barack and Michelle Obama an apology? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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