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Joan Rivers blasts CNN and BBC over Gaza conflict (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers, known for her humor, wasn’t laughing when she was approached by a TMZ cameraman on Friday. The extremely controversial television host and standup comic commented on the conflict in Gaza, and she was very direct and non-comedic in her opinion. She told the cameraman as she was on travel with associates and luggage that if New Jersey were firing rockets into New York, New Yorkers would wipe the New Jersey folks out, according to a Washington Post report on Saturday.

Joan Rivers gets serious about Gaza conflict
Photo by Robin Marchant

Rivers said she doesn’t want to hear anymore of the talk of a partial truce. She said that the Palestinians cannot throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves. She blatantly attacked portions of the media in her comments. According to the comedian, the BBC should be ashamed of themselves as well as CNN. As far as the incredibly high number of civilian casualties occurring in Gaza, Rivers puts the blame on the Palestinians. She blames them for keeping weapons in their homes.

On the day that Palesinian officials have announced that the death toll ahs passed 1,000 persons since the conflict began, Rivers was asked where the refugees should go. She indicated that she absolutely does not care. She doesn’t care because the Palestinians started it. She said, “You’re all insane! They started it!”

According to a Jerusalem Post article on Saturday titled “Don’t worry Israel, Joan Rivers is behind you,” Rivers said “Don’t put your god—mn things in private homes. I’m sorry, don’t you dare put weapons stashes in private homes.” Asked about Selena Gomez’s comments about the Gaza conflict, she trashed the singing sensation as well. She more than implied that Gomez is a complete idiot. She told the member of the media to ask Gomez to try to spell the word Palestinian, implying that she’s so stupid she can’t.

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