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Joan Rivers at the Venetian tonight at 8:00 p.m.


Joan Rivers is headlining at The Venetian Showroom tonight at 8:00 p.m.

Settle back in your seats at The Venetian Showroom for an evening of pure entertainment. When ya got it, ya got it, and boy, does Joan Rivers got it! Known for her brash humor and candor, Rivers isn’t for the faint of heart. Her humor can be so wrong, it’s right. While she isn’t known for being politically correct, she’ll have you roaring with her deliciously inappropriate routine. And yes, she’ll go blue. And, you’ll enjoy every minute.
Nothing is sacred with Joan. Why, she asks, do old people shop at Costco when they might not live long enough to use what they buy? Ugly people don’t get off the hook either. Now if you’re rich and look good, then that’s another story - just as long as you’re not Nicole Richie.
She loves to poke fun at Hollywood celebrities, and we love to hear it. Telling us about a birthday party thrown in L.A. for a plastic surgeon, when all the famous actresses arrive they deny they’ve had any work done. When they can’t blow out the candles, she asks: how is it that she and Bette Midler are the only ones who’ve had botox?
Rivers is a pro. The sign of a good comedian in my book is if you leave the theater with your face hurting from laughing so hard. Boy did my face hurt. You’ll laugh yourself silly. Do yourself a favor – get on down to The Venetian and go see the show!
If you'd like to see her tonight, Saturday April 17th, call (702) 414-9000
To order tickets online click here
If you're not able to catch her this time around, Joan Rivers will be back at The Venetian Las Vegas
July 8-10 and July 15-17. You won’t want to miss this spectacular show!
Showtime: 8:00 pm.
The Venetian Showroom
The Venetian
Tickets start at $46
VIP seating available
Call (702) 414-9000
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