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Joan Ressel: Customer gives $10,000 tip because of message from God

Joan Ressel has a customer give a $10000 tip.
Joan Ressel has a customer give a $10000 tip.
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Joan Ressel is lucky. One customer gives a $10,000 tip to her restaurant in Pennsylvania, and the restaurant may now remain open because of it. Coppertown is the name of the breakfast and brunch place owned by the woman and her husband, and it was getting ready to close down because of hard times. On May 4, Canada Journal reported on the tip left by one customer that has changed everything.

This customer didn't even order a meal. He drove up to the drive-thru of the restaurant, and he handed Ressel a card. When she opened it, she found a check inside for $10,000. Ressel admits she had talked to the customer about the financial troubles the restaurant was in, but she never expected the man to make a donation to the restaurant.

This $10,000 tip will allow the couple to pay their overdue bills and keep the doors open. What caused the financial troubles for Coppertown? A slow winter season is to blame for the trouble the restaurant has been experiencing. The customer is remaining anonymous, but he said the donation happened because he received a message from God to give Ressel that money.

No matter the reason the donation was made. It is obvious that this couple is very lucky. Coppertown was opened in 2008, and it will likely remain open thanks to the generosity of one man and his wife. What do you think of this gift?