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Walter Mondale's wife Joan, former 'second lady,' enters hospice

Joan Mondale
Joan Mondale

Joan Mondale, 83, the wife of former Vice President Walter Mondale who was also a Democratic presidential candidate, is in hospice care, according to NBC News on Sunday. Joan Mondale entered the hospice care on Friday morning.

The news was released by the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a church where the Mondale family has had membership for many years. The family statement released by the church says that Mrs. Mondale is surrounded by her family and loved ones as her life on this earth moves peacefully to its close.

Mrs. Mondale was a grand supporter of the arts. She was nicknamed “Joan of Art” during her years in the spotlight as the “second lady” of the United States. Her husband was vice president and she was second lady during the Jimmy Carter presidency from 1977 to 1981.

Besides being vice president, Walter Mondale, 86, served in excess of 20 years in the United States Senate. He ran for president against Ronald Reagan – and was soundly defeated in the election – in 1984.