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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jo Sumi to perform at Olympics Closing Ceremony in Sochi (video)

As the world gets ready for the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony, viewers around the world are finding out who might be on the biggest stage of the globe. One performer who is expected to be part of the program is Jo Sumi. The Latino Post reported on Friday that Jo Sumi is joining several entertainers on stage for a performance before the Sochi Olympics end.

Who is Jo Sumi? She is a Grammy award winner from South Korean. Her voice is beautiful and she is a soprano known for her interpretations of the bel canto repertoire. The style is operatic singing characterized by full, even tones and a brilliant display of vocal technique.

While not everyone is familiar with Jo Sumi, once viewers hear her voice they are going to fall in love with her music. Offering passion in performances around the world, the star never leaves a room with disappointed fans.

The Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony offers a look at the end of Russia’s hosting and gives Pyeongchang, South Korea a chance to share what the country has in store for the 2018 Olympics. The beauty of cultures should be displayed by the singers, musicians and performers set to hit the stage at the Sochi Fisht Olympic Stadium. It will be an extraordinarily opportunity to enjoy different parts of the world all in one program.

Take a listen to a performance by Jo Sumi in the video clip. This vocalist is amazing!

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