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Jo Jo China Bistro serves light Chinese cuisine

Healthy Chinese Food at Jo Jo China Bistro
Healthy Chinese Food at Jo Jo China Bistro

Jo Jo China Bistro in the Stonecrest Shopping Plaza is a Chinese restaurant that offers healthy food options. Although the menu suits a wide range of tastes, Jo Jo’s focuses on fresh ingredients, lots of veggies, and light sauces.

My guest and I started off with an appetizer veggie lettuce wrap. The waiter brought us one plate with a mound of iceberg lettuce leaves and another plate with the filling -- tofu, celery, water chestnuts, sautéed in a brown sauce. It was delicious, but not overly filling. After eating nearly all of it, we were eager to move on to the main course.

We shared two entrees. The first was traditional Moo Shu Vegetables, a sautéed combination of Chinese cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, fresh egg, and spring onions, that was served with tortillas.

The second preparation was a stir-fry of baby bok choy, black mushrooms, and soft tofu in a white garlic sauce, served with brown rice.

Both were delicious and filling without being heavy. For those who want to minimize their consumption of oil, Jo Jo offers vegetable, chicken, shrimp and scallop steamers. Non-meat-eaters will find a section of the menu devoted entirely to vegetarian specialties.

Jo Jo China Bistro has a clean, modern design that provides enough room between tables to be child-friendly. A row of booths against the wall permit cozy, private conversation. Jo Jo delivers, does takeout, and will even accommodate curb-side pickup.

Between the delicious light Chinese cuisine and the agreeable ambience, Jo Jo China Bistro is a healthy dining winner.

Jo Jo China Bistro

7800-A Rea Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28277



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