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Jo Frost Focuses on Toddlers in New Book

Jo Frost

If there is anyone that knows how to turn disfunction into happiness it's childcare expert Jo Frost.

The New York Times Bestselling author, who is known for her work on shows like "Extreme Parental Guidance and "Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost," has tackled just about every family conflict imaginable and once again is looking to help families attain harmony.

In her latest book, FROST’S TODDLER RULES: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior, Frost offers methods and steps that parents can take to stop troublesome behavior in the early years.

The book comes at an especially appropriate time considering the recent the highly publicized recent '#nokidspolicy' being lead by Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard who have publicly called for paparazzi to leave celebrity children out of their unrelenting hunt for candid photos.

Frost recently released a statement regarding the '#nokidspolicy:'

“Children of celebrity parents are denied their rite of passage in this world to feel protected and safe beyond their loving homes if paparazzi continue to overstep the boundaries and harass the space of an innocent child," Observed Frost. "It forces parents to behave beyond the normalcies of protecting and creating a warp sense of the world which is emotionally and mentally traumatic for child and parent. A law must be put in place to honor our children so that they too can thrive on all levels like millions of other children whom do not have parents in the public eye,” she added.

Whether it's celebrity parents or not Jo looks to help overcome adverse situations no matter how big or small. With so much chaos in everyday life the value of tranquility cannot be overstated.

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