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JMR Gallery opens admidst a sandwich board by-law review

New Gallery Opens in Bayfield admidst by-law review to remove sandwich boards.
New Gallery Opens in Bayfield admidst by-law review to remove sandwich boards.
JMR Gallery

JMR Gallery in Bayfield, Ontario recently opened its doors to the public. This weekend kicked of their inaugural showcase with many artisans participating. The exhibit opening for the summer has a theme – the number 22 and all artwork submitted by the artisans was based on that number.

There were painting with 22 cows in them, paintings with people age twenty-two and a number of other interesting and exciting combinations. The one thing this exhibit featured was “Imagination”. The pieces were exceptional and left one feeling like there should be more.

This exciting new gallery is owned by Judy Roth, a resident of Bayfield who places value in promoting the community as a whole, which is why she was disappointed when a few days before her newly opened gallery’s opening exhibit she was asked to take down the corner sandwich board pointing visitors to her gallery. It was a devastating blow, but like a good citizen, Judy removed her signage.

Since this story broke it has been brought to our attention that the current by-law regarding outdoor sandwich boards, on the village streets, is under review and that the by-law officer, although new, felt he was doing his job by presenting the information to the storeowners affected in the village. It was also pointed out by one of the storeowners that although he had no problem complying with the by-law officer’s request, he felt he could have selected a better time to approach the owners, like first thing in the morning or last thing in the day, instead of when they were busy with customers in their stores.

Since this by-law is currently under review, this article will continue once the by-law officer of the village has had an opportunity to have a say about the issue, as well. Unfortunately, the by-law officer was unavailable for comment at the time I called the municipal offices.

Bayfield and JMR Gallery are an essential part of the Maitland Valley in Ontario. To learn more about this region – One of Ontario’s hottest tourist destinations, send an email here and receive a free monthly subscription to Bridging the Maitland Magazine.

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  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    A new gallery in the area sounds exciting. It is interesting how the numbers come into play and repeat.

  • Judy Roth 5 years ago

    I was so pleased The Ontario Artist ran with our '22' theme! So much creativity and skill went into each artwork. I am also amazed at the visitor's reaction - everyone has a number and loves to talk about it! See you in Bayfield! - Judy M. Roth, Owner/Artist JMR Art Gallery

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