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Jlo AKA Lola a Fashion Icon and Proud Newyorican

JLO AKA LOLA is indisputable the best Fashion Icon and role model for any curvy young woman. Is there anything else to say if JLO herself is a walking advertising for all the talents she has to offer to her followers and fans? No anything we say would be simply an understatement? For how much longer we will have JLO keeping us on our toes with her great fashion trends and sultry vocals? Will she change back to be Jennifer the Diva or keep giving us this revel Jenny from the Block that we love so much?
With her new album AKA she answers the questions that still remains in people's heads.

On a personal note I would love to meet her and talk to her about her fashion and ask her, what does she think about being this role model for so many young girls and women of many ages?

Other questions would be more like as shown on the lines below:

Tell me JLO, have you ever experienced a wall on your career, and if so, was that ever related to your Puerto Rican Heritage or you feel, this in fact has opened more doors to you?

How were your early yrs. in Hollywood?

Did you ever thought about designing clothes rather than acting or singing in your early yrs. as actress?

Did your family ever opposed to your career or a specific role that you ever played?

How smooth or rough has being your tansition to parenthood, and now divorced mom and single woman?

Any detail on your new single status?

Future plans?

And so on....I wish JLO can at least twit few answers if she ever read this hypotetical interview.

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