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JK Rowling says Ron and Hermione's relationship was wish fulfillment

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On Feb. 2 Hypable shares an interview conducted by Emma Watson herself with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling where it was revealed that pairing Ron and Hermione was "wish fulfillment" based largely on how she first saw the plot when she conjured up the story.

Rowling says that in hindsight, she should have paired Hermione with Harry because it made more sense than pairing her with Ron, but for her own selfish reasons that had nothing to do with literacy, she didn't. During the interview, Rowling jokes with Watson that she feels that many fans already felt that it was wrong but went with it because what would have happened to Ginny? It seems more than suiting that Harry would marry into the Weasley family as that was his true family that he never had.

While Rowling knows that fans are in an uproar over this revelation years after the series was written and filmed, she says that she feels that Ron and Hermione would have never lasted, they would have needed marriage counseling.

Which do you think is more suiting; Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione? Share in the comments below.