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JK Imaging resurrects Kodak nameplate, will bring it back to stores

Kodak may have gone belly up, but its name will be making an appearance at stores in the future thanks to JK Imaging bringing some new products to market under the Kodak nameplate. The real treat here: JK announced its entire lineup for 2014.

So, what of the new products?

PixPro S1
Undoubtedly the headliner of the class, this is an interchangeable lens Micro Four Thirds camera. The PixPro S1 is built around a 16Mp sensor that can also double as a 1080p HD camcorder. Additional features include built-in wi-fi connectivity, a 3-inch, 920k dot articulating LCD screen, and sensor-based image stabilization. Price: $499 with a single lens kit and $599 with a two-lens bundle.

Astro Zoom AZ651
The new flagship of the Astro Zoom bridge camera line, the AZ651 features an astounding 65x zoom capability (24-1560mm film equivalent). The camera will also offer the same articulating LCD display as seen on the PixPro S1 and wi-fi, too. Price: $349.

More Astro Zoom models are forthcoming, with lenses ranging from a 25 to 52x zoom and priced from $139-$249.

Smartphone clip-on lenses
For people wanting more out of their smartphones' photographic capability, two new clip-on lenses are being developed: the SL25, which has a 24-600mm film equivalent and the SL10, which has a zoom range equal to 28-280mm. The prices: $299 and $199, respectively.

Rugged Compacts
For anyone who wants a tough camera, JK is offering the SPZ1 Action Cam, which features 3x optical zoom, 14 MP CMOS, and Video Image Stabilization. Price: $139. Next up: the SP1 Action Cam, whose headline feature is an ultrawide lens that has a whopping 160 degree field of view. This one also packs wi-fi and will be priced at $169-$229 MSRP, depending on the accessory package. Both Acton Cams feature full HD capability, too.

At the bottom of the lineup, there will be the Friendly Zoom line of point-and-shoots, whose headline feature is teir ease of use. Prices will range from $69 - $129.

While it isn't Kodak, per se, the iconic nameplate will soon be making a return to stores.

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