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Jive aims to make SharePoint a bit more social with "Connector"


Jive SharePoint ConnectorJive Software, author of Social Business Software (consisting of collaboration, community and networking tools), debuted - just this week - a way to connect this leading set of enterprise social networking utilities with your company's existing SharePoint implementation. The product? Jive SharePoint Connector.

"SharePoint's strengths are in complex workflows, document storage, and records management. But a steep learning curve and social limitations coupled with a technology structure that's not native Web 2.0 constrains both SharePoint adoption and conversations that matter. That's why Jive's social networking, collaboration capabilities and highly intuitive interface are highly complementary to SharePoint's content infrastructure. Unified, these two applications drive awareness of enterprise activities by socializing content, wherever it originates, to inform better business decisions."

I've personally covered reasons why you should, as well as how you can, manage the ever-growing social community around you and your brand. However, for the business that is truly investing serious amounts of both time and money, this enterprise-level solution could very well be your ticket to easier-than-you-might-expect brand management and community involvement.

If you're less concerned with brand management and primarily concerned with leveraging your existing SharePoint solution in order to establish an easy-to-use online community for your members, you might be interested in the Member-to-Member solution from SusQtech.

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