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JIT for midterms: Employment and economy rolling

The Obama administration is ecstatic and Americans are feeling pretty good because the job picture continues to steadily improve and so does the general economy. It is a fact that the slow but steady progress is what the Obama administration predicted and promised. Obama isn’t running for reelection again, but Democrats are. They have credentials for producing successful outcomes.

Unprecedented job growth
The White House

Now, Republicans are complaining like crazy that Obama has exceeded his presidential authority, but what has provoked his issuing executive orders? It is the result from a do-nothing Congress. The world wags on and the President is not flagging with Republicans.

If they don’t like it, they can sue him. Obama’s actions don’t always hold up in court. In the case of the Affordable Care Law, there are flaws that need fixing. Obama can’t fix them. Congress must do that, and once again, they aren’t.

50,000 illegal children are warehoused at the border for due processing because the U.S. House of Representatives has failed to pass immigration reform. If the Republican Congress continues to procrastinate, the President will be forced to take matters into his own hands. He had been enforcing the law, deporting more people than any other President has.

Yet, there is a legacy backlog that needs cleaning up. Congress must do that. In the meantime, the President will deal with the kids. He must also address foreign policy in Central America that is the source of the problem.

American government is supposed to perform with three branches working in concert. At present there is too much dysfunction among all three. The American voters must search their minds as they approach Election 2014 because something has to give. “Do nothing” is not a desirable outcome. At present, there is a party that does and a party that won’t.

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