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Jinxx of the Black Veil Brides reveals all backstage with Jenn Findley

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Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson – rhythm guitar, violin, backing vocals (2009–present) for the “Black Veil Brides”.

It was a stale environment. You heard music in the background, and security guards for this impromptu interview put out our hard chairs quickly. The backstage area was one not to be forgotten.

Jenn: “Looking into your ink…I’m really getting absorbed into it. I know it’s really hard to choose favorites, but is there any one you have?”

Jinxx: “Well, this is the story here”, he pointed to his thin arm, and continued, “this is the first ‘Black Veil’ [Black Veil Brides] tattoo we got. It’s the first tour we did; it’s called the ‘On Weather Wings Tour’ [Dec 2009]. It was about a 10-day tour.

We just, we were just breaking out and we hadn’t even had an album out yet. And the shows were just sold out across the country. It just blew up and everything. So, yeah we all got this tattoo and we edited it, in Cleveland [Ohio] is where we got it …’Peabody’s’; was our first show.”

Jenn: “That’s cool. Awesome. So, tell me about the writing process and your involvement…does your band collaborate and jam together?”

Jinxx: “We don’t really work that way. The way we write typically, and there are a few different methods about how it comes together for a song… “

In the past it’s just been Jake, you know, my other guitar player, and I would sit down together and you’d be like, ‘oh I have a riff, I have a riff’, or you’d have the idea for the start of a song, or chorus to the song, or just parts; bit’s and pieces, piece mail, right?”

Nodding and listening to Jinxx was a thrill ride. Not only was he open-minded and in control, you could tell that he has his sh** together.

He continued, “And…let’s say Jake said, ‘I have a riff, I have this riff’ you’d [I’d] be like, great, cool, You know, that would be the intro for that or I’ve got a perfect chorus for that, perfect chorus, or a perfect bridge to that song. We kinda finish each other’s sentences that way.”

Jenn: “Ah. Right on.”

Jinxx: “Pop out these like songs they are like “skeletons” basically demoed out in like an hour or so. We kinda put it into our heads but it’s missing pieces, we’d be finishing each other’s sentences. And then Andy [Biersack], (lead vocals) would come along later and have a melody in mind to go over the bed of music.

With this last record we did, we actually did it kinda backwards. We wanted to do a concept record. More epic. So we had this story line we were basically composing music to like a movie soundtrack. I got to showcase more of my skills with my violin and cello.”

Jenn: “How interesting to play the cello, and the violin.”

Jinxx: “I play actually all the string instruments. Yeah. So, and I orchestrate as well, and score. So I was able to basically score a movie, is what it felt like, we ended up making a movie really long music video records.”

It was a lot of fun to do, the approach is a little bit more backwards then the way we used to work in the past. So, you know, it’s like writing the story, the melodies first, and then the music to go with that.”

Jenn: “That a fun to approach it! It seems more unified.”

Jinxx: “It’s more cohesive, yeah.”

Jenn: “You [Black Veil Brides] think outside of the box. You’re not a ‘stamped band’.”

Jinxx: “No, we’re not cookie-cutter. Nothing like that. People like to call us that because they had like an image of us; we used to put on all the makeup we called ‘war paint’.”

There was a lot of flack heard about a “bullying phase” the “Black Veil Brides” went through. Everyone who was not fans hated on them and said they copied other bands; “Black Veil Brides” persevered. Jinxx wasn’t whining about anything, it seemed more like a "speech" he gave freely to help out youth suffering from bullying.

Jenn: “What else happened at that time?”

Jinxx: “Everybody was saying we were copying ‘KISS’ or whatever and it’s like, why don’t’ you just listen to our music first before you judge us, you know?”

Jenn: “Right on. I agree. I’m a fan, so is Melody [Jones]."

Jinxx left after thanking me, and me thanking him; what a cool dude.