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Jimmy Traynor is shooting three films in nine days

Working on a film with Jimmy Traynor
Working on a film with Jimmy Traynor
Jimmy Traynor

Our funky, spunky Baltimore Independent director and film maker will be making another run at the speedy delivery of three quirky art films in record breaking time. Jimmy Traynor has brought us some wonderful short films and feature length films that truly show one that art doesn't have to be about either big budgets or large blocks of time in order to shoot a film. He doesn't need Hollywood either to complete the task.

Jimmy Traynor Independent film director
Jimmy Traynor

"I had originally wanted to film this thing out in California because I wanted another shot at showing damn Hollywood who they are missing out on. The truth is, I certainly do not play by their rules and it is for that very reason that they do not want to play ball with me." Jimmy passionately and honestly does not hold back on his feelings for that establishment.

" I understand my lack of getting my art produced out in Hollywood is my own doing and what can I say? I am a production worker, I start the project and I work on the project from start to finish until it is completed on my own terms. I do not know how to promote myself or sell myself (or prostitute myself to those big executives who want a 10 minute pitch about a action sequel with big name stars) I find it extremely challenging to get people interested in me or excited about my work and unfortunately, the cards were not dealt in my favor as a marketer. So I keep doing what I know how to do and what I was meant to do. Why shoot three films in nine days? Because no one else can. Sometimes it is the simple things that keep us going and I know I am challenging myself even if Hollywood doesn't have the guts to test me against some of their movie production staff. Either way it will be an exciting and adventurous experience one that will create many new memories for me and I plan to have a ball while I am making these films."

The three films he plans to start making here in Baltimore and Pennsylvania are "Test of our Love" a feature comedy drama. "Demons Of Demand" which will be a short horror film and the third film will possibly be the sequel to "The Real Cupid" a short comedy which was entirely shot on location in Baltimore with an all local cast of unknown but very talented actors.

Jimmy Traynor's team consists of himself as the major producer, director and lead technical producer. Paul Sulsky is also a film technical consultant who has been filming for decades. John Neale Sr. is composing all the music for the three films and has been composing for Traynor in many of his other films.

Jimmy has done very well for himself and presenting his work to the Baltimore film society. Hopefully we will have more news with regards to his progress in a few short weeks.

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