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Jimmy's of Watertown Serving Customers Since 1991

Breakfast at Local Diner Always a Treat
Breakfast at Local Diner Always a Treat
John Cyganus921 November 29, 2008 Creative Commons Flickr

Jimmy's of Watertown is a family owned restaurant in Watertown, Connecticut in business since 1991. The Ligi family with Angelo and his wife Nancy and four children all work hard to keep the business running smoothly. It serves Watertown and Oakville and other surrounding towns. They are located at 1067 Main Street, Watertown, Connecticut.

Every Wedneday from May to October at 5 p.m. they sponsor Bike Nite. Come to the the restaurant parking lot to see a variety of motocycles designed by top manufacturers from antique to new. While your there stop in for some ice cream or a meal with family and friends. They serve breakfast and lunch.

The breakfast menu has delicious pancakes, french toast, eggs and omlettes with side orders of bacon or sausage. You can get muffins, breakfast sandwiches, and cereal if you prefer a lighter meal. Breakfast is served daily from Mondy through Sunday. It is served all day depending on restaurant hours. They open at 5:30 a.m. every day.

The lunch menus has sandwiches like tuna melt and BLT, salads, and hot soups to choose from. There are hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries cooked fresh and service is quick. The staff is friendly and always gets food quickly to your table. They have plenty of menu items for kids. too. The prices are reasonable and there are plenty of clean booths and tables inside to sit down at. Coffee is hot and they don't rush you out the door like some restaurants.

Jimmy's of Watertown specializes in breakfast and lunch. They have a large parking lot for customer convenience. For those on the go they have takeout orders too. Call for more information on menu items and hours at 1-860-274-3223. A great restaurant to stop at on weekdays or weekends for breakfast or lunch with family and friends.