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Jimmy Pailer rocks the Sac Music Fest

For three consecutive days, Jimmy Pailer and The Prophets kept the crowds jazzed up at the Sacramento Music Festival which takes place every Memorial Day weekend. They appeared at the Riverfront Refuge, Firehouse Lot and the smaller Courtyard D'Oro venues in Old Town Sacramento with mixed levels of attendance. Their hot set on friday was perhaps a little too hot for some at the 3:30 p.m. Firehouse Lot set when the heat was at its worst and the lower level location blocked any cooling breezes from the river's edge.

Jimmy Pailer 2014
Susan Raines
Jimmy Pailer
Susan Raines

Despite the smaller crowd on May 23, Jimmy and his crew of musical maniacs played with total heart and gave the audience a good dose of rocky blues. Pailer's guitar playing is known to nearly every Sacramento musician with a working brain. And, although its actually difficult to find a complete and comprehensive bio on the "dude," his name is well recognized around town and throughout Northern California.

Jimmy grew up in St. Louis and "began playing guitar and picking up, according to Jimmy, the holy trinity of Rock music that included Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and the Blues influences of Freddie King, Peter Green and B.B. King." He has been entertaining crowds at both small club and large festival venues in California for over 20 years. His personal style of music morphs the blues and rock into a sound that attracts fans from both genres and summons respect wherever he goes. He has also become a regular billing at the Sacramento Music Festival and often performs in all-star jams.

Jimmy may play with his own band as guitarist and lead vocalist or as a "featured guitarist on the big stage." Wherever the fans find him, they know they can expect and get some real Pailer magic every time. Jimmy Pailer and The Prophets also played on both Saturday and Sunday at the Sac Music Fest and were well received. While the extremist fans of Dixieland Jazz, the music which originated the festival 41 years ago, may not clamor to hear him play, the festival always has ample fans of anything bluesy and anyone with great talent regardless of what style they choose to play.

While his glaring lack of media promotion makes it difficult for people to get to know him on a marketing platform, his personal manner is always friendly and warm, displaying a true heart and a pulse for the music that is unmistakable. Perhaps bruised from the Blues, rattled from the Rock, his music still always speaks volumes down to the gritty core, wailing, licks, screeching and whispering while fans are urged to shake and groove with Jimmy Pailer and The Prophets.

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