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Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets: Julia Roberts reads them in new segment

Jimmy Kimmel had a new segment on his show this week. He had big stars including Julia Roberts read mean tweets that are out on Twitter about them. On Thursday, US Magazine shared a video of how it all went down and it is hilarious. You can't help but laugh at this one.

Julia Roberts
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

It starts with Julia Roberts reading how someone said that her gigantic mouth could devour an elephant in one bite. It gets hilarious from there as other celebs start to read tweets. Ashton Kutcher read one that says he needs to get hit by a bus. Courtney Cox had a tweet saying they hated her and calling her some pretty bad names.

Most of the celebs seem to be taking it pretty well. They read the tweets and laugh them off. You have to watch the video on this page to get it. If you love this one, go to YouTube and you will find a ton of these that Jimmy did on past shows. Fans loved the video and can't wait for more.

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