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Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious 'Escandalo' hit ends four-part scandal

For "Scandal" enthusiasts who haven't tuned in to the ridiculousness that is Jimmy Kimmel's "Escandalo," this is a four-part very funny skit that aired on ABC for the past few weeks on Scandal Thursdays, shortly after the show went off. The entire "Scandal" cast got involved with major plugs for this random drink called Jugo de Jicama.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel and actress Kerry Washington pose onstage during the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations held at the Television Academy's Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on July 19, 2012 in Los Angeles.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Check all four parts out on YouTube. Here's the scoop:

Part 1: Guillermo Rodriguez is the president who is sleeping with Olivia Pope, but Quinn wants to be with him, too. Mellie hides behind the bushes and shoots Quinn with a poisonous dart originally intending to kill Guillermo. Mellie tells Guillermo that she knows he rigged the election. The Mole enters, kills Mellie and tries to kill the president, too, but misses his second mark.

Part 2: Guillermo wakes up in the hospital after jumping out of the window to get away from The Mole. Fitz disguises himself as a nurse to suffocate the president but is interrupted by Guillermo's roommate David slurping on soup. David acts as if he's going to call for help, but Guillermo fights back and strangles Fitz with a tube. Guillermo shoots David and the camera so there's no proof.

Part 3: The world's greatest hacker, Huck, breaks into a computer for Guillermo. But since Huck doesn't have Wi-Fi, he's at a neighborhood coffee shop where Jake just happens to be a barista. Huck breaks into the security camera where Guillermo committed murder. Guillermo explains that his reason for killing David is because of how loud he chews gum. Huck's typing skills are about as effective as the Internet connection. The Mole pours coffee on the keyboard so no one can find out who he is.

Part 4: The Mole catches Guillermo trying to kiss Olivia. During a gunfight, a Chupacabra attacks The Mole.

Guess who the Chupacabra is? And who do you think The Mole is?

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