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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jimmy Kimmel delivers live sports news in LA; talks Olympic ice dancing on KABC

Jimmy Kimmel delivers the news in Los Angeles
Jimmy Kimmel delivers the news in Los Angeles
KABC screen shot

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t have too high of a regard for Olympic ice dancing and the entire Southern California area got a chance to hear his opinion on Monday night. On a typical night the viewers of the Los Angeles area get to see Rob Fukuzaki deliver the sports on KABC, but it was different last night. In honor of National Rob Fukuzaki Day, Jimmy Kimmel decided to step in to read the teleprompter and deliver the news.

What happened next was hilarious. Giving some sports news along with a little commentary (that probably wasn’t on the teleprompter) the comedian rattled off details about sports. When he came to Olympic ice dancing he declared that it was not a sport.

“The US team won one gold today and it is in ice dancing, which isn't even a sport,” said Jimmy Kimmel on KABC with a straight face. “In fact I am not sure it is even dancing. All I do know is I don’t like it.”

Carrying on about Olympic hockey, Jimmy Kimmel discussed the Olympic hockey debate over the disallowed goal and gave people his take on the situation after explaining a soap references on a protest sign in Moscow.

“They are weird people, but are very clean,” said Jimmy Kimmel on the protests.

Jimmy Kimmel’s decision to pop in on the live news broadcast was some of the funniest moments on TV Monday night. Making fun of the NBA All-star game, Kobe Bryant and even the Olympics, it was obvious nobody in the sports world was safe.

Los Angeles residents got a good laugh at the segment and we all hope Jimmy Kimmel shows up live again real soon!

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