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Jimmy Kimmel accused of racism and protestors want him fired

While late night talk show hosts are known for their comedy banter and witty remarks regarding everything in the news, some say that Jimmy Kimmel took it a bit too far.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live aired an episode on October 16th where the subject of the United State’s debt came up. Kimmel ran a skit involving kids being asked what the U.S. should do about the $1.3 trillion debt that is owed to China. When a young boy suggested killing everyone in China, Kimmel’s response was, “That’s an interesting idea!”

Kimmel also laughed at the comment and is coming under for a number of reasons. Critics are stating that the use of children joking about killing is not just insensitive but extremely disturbing considering recent events involve violence among children. Another aspect that upset many people was that the comment was made by a young Caucasian boy seated next to a small Asian girl. Prejudice can start at an early age and it is well known that kids can be the most cruel when it comes to ignorance of different nationalities.

Critics are stating that not only is Jimmy Kimmel responsible for the negative impact of his skit but also that ABC is responsible for having aired the episode. 400 protestors stood outside of the Chicago branch of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), holding signs that read everything from “Teach kids love, not kill” and “Fire Jimmy Kimmel.”

ABC released an apology stating, “We’re writing to offer our sincere apology. We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large…our objective is to entertain.”

Is this apology enough, or was the skit over the line? Feel free to leave your comments on your feelings on the skit and the apology.

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