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Jimmy Graham's Twitter could cost him $5.3 million from New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham's social media may cost him money.
Jimmy Graham's social media may cost him money.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints is in a battle over his position in the NFL and how much money should be coming his way. While the Saints believe him to be a tight end, Graham and his agent believe he should be paid as a wide receiver. Unfortunately for Graham, his Twitter account may actually be used against him in the hearing of his case, per USA Today on June 17, 2014.

The two sides in the case, the Saints and Graham's camp, are in arbitration to determine what kind of franchise tag could be placed on the player. Graham's side feels he should be a wide receiver which would get him $12.3 million. The Saints feel he is a tight end which would pay him $7 million.

Upon the hearing beginning on Tuesday, the NFL went in with a number of arguments stating that Graham is a tight end. One of them is actually Graham's own Twitter account.

On Twitter, Jimmy Graham has his bio stating:

"New Orleans Tight End #80, Private Pilot,"

Graham's official website lists him as the same position.

Using Graham's own words, the league is arguing that he should very well be classified as a tight end. The Saints and the NFL are also stating that Graham has continued to meet and work out in the tight end room and how he lines up in the tight end position in formations.

The main argument of the NFLPA is that the player lined up in a wide receiver position 67 percent of the time in 2013.

While the Twitter account bio may not ending up holding a lot of weight in the argument, it is something that has been brought into the fight.

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