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Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise sets the bar high with 'Tabernacle Worship'

With 20 years of leading souls into worship, Jimmy Fisher begins his next decade of music with "Tabernacle Worship Volume 1". Fisher's ministry of teaching worship music has led him around the world. Living according to the scripture John 4:23 (KJV), "But the hour cometh, and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth...", Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise, sets a high standard not to be compromised.

Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise Tabernacle Worship Volume 1 [photo courtesy of Jimmy Fisher; used with permission]
Jimmy Fisher, Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise, Tabernacle Worship

Contagious Praise members consist of fellow psalmists, worship leaders and musicians that have banded together under the leadership of Jimmy Fisher to effectively demonstrate the power of worship when done under the anointing of God. Nowadays, many people have jumped on the bandwagon of being a worship leader and singing Praise & Worship songs because the direction of the Gospel music industry has been saturated with such music. What has been set aside for an intimate encounter with the heavenly Father has become a service to cater to the flesh. Worship has nothing to do with the individual but with God. This is why the aforementioned scripture specifies that "true worshippers shall spirit and in truth". It's a lifestyle, not just a genre of music.

Jimmy Fisher has dedicated his musical career to education those who aspire to become effective worship leaders. Conducting seminars and conferences, Fisher desires that the attendees take away the truth of worship. Equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate corporate worship in their local churches. Just as in the old testament, God assembled the best of the singers and musicians to lead His people into battle, so those who say they have been called to be a worship leader or a part of the worship team should put forth their best inside and outside the church four walls.

"Tabernacle Worship Volume 1" takes the listener on a journey. Jimmy Fisher & Contagious Praise have prepared music that will take you back to the days of our grandmothers with foot stomping hand clapping John P. Kee-ish "Help Me Praise Him" and full circle with the jazzy "Daily Bread" for the more contemporary Gospel music enthusiast. Fisher looks forward to sharing his wealth of knowledge with those who desire to be set apart. This album, the first of a series of volumes that he intends to release, will point you in the right direction and leave you wanting the experience of living in spirit and truth.

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