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Jimmy Fallon replaces Jay Leno on the Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno on the Tonight Show and hosted it himself for the first time Monday night. Before beginning the show, Fallon came out to introduce himself and tell the audience a little back story on his life. He said that when he was younger he would always beg his parents to let him stay up to watch some of the Tonight Show. Fallon says that he hopes he will make such a success with the Tonight Show that kids will be begging their parents to let them stay up just to watch him.

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith get their "groove" on during Fallon's first Tonight Show hosting night.

Jimmy Fallon tells the audience how this is the first time in 40 years that the Tonight Show is broadcasting from New York. He does go on to thank previous hosts to the Tonight Show claiming if it wasn’t for them, the show wouldn’t be possible. He introduced The Roots band who helped with Fallon’s introduction. The Roots band originates from Philadelphia and they have many other opportunities to do other work with their music; but they chose to work with Fallon.

The audience is told how the show will progress with him as host. He tells them that the news will come on and he will come out afterwards reading jokes about the news from cue cards. He says he is there to help people end the day right before they go off to bed and begin another day.

Will Smith comes on the Tonight Show as Fallon’s first guest ever. The two of them start off by dancing various dances together. A few that Smith and Fallon moved to were the Robot, Cabbage Patch, Stanky Leg, The Dougie and they ended it with Jimmy Fallon Twerking. Once Fallon began Twerking Smith looked at him with embarrassment before walking off stage.

Smith expresses his excitement for Fallon’s hosting opportunity and thinks he will do well with it. Fallon asked for advice from Smith considering Smith has been in acting since he was a teenager. Smith simply told Jimmy Fallon to not worry about it because the audience is here to see him. He goes on to say that he tells his kids that you must be in this business with your heart. There are so many people who fail because they are in the business for all the wrong reasons, Smith told Fallon.

Fallon had a strong start during his first Tonight Show last night. The audience and his fans seem to love him as the Tonight Show’s host and it is clear he will bring in a different view by being broadcasted in New York. Jimmy Fallon told the audience that he would do his best to not let the Tonight Show’s fans down.

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