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Jimmy Fallon predicts Super Bowl with puppies? Tradition has ‘Broncos’ winning

Jimmy Fallon offered a Super Bowl prediction based on seven puppies with lots of cute faces. According to Fansided on Friday, every year the “Late Show with Jimmy Fallon” has taken to the very unscientific way to figure out who will win the big game in “Puppies Predict the Super Bowl.” On Thursday night, it was seven puppies who decided the fate of the Super Bowl and it was clear cut that these puppies think the Broncos are going to win.

The puppies were placed at the end of a makeshift field with two bowls of kibble for them to eat. One was labeled the Denver Broncos and the other was the Seattle Seahawks. Once the puppies were released, the prediction of who might win would be made by the most number of puppies at the bowl of food. Watching the segment, fans saw that there were two puppies at one bowl and zero bowls at the other, making Denver the winner. The rest of the puppies? Well, they just hung out on field and looked a little baffled on exactly what they were expected to do for the show. However, they did look extremely cute.

While some might question if the puppies are really any good at predicting the NFL game. Viewers might be surprised to learn that the puppies were correct in their past guesses and that’s pretty impressive for very young animals. Take a look at the video clip of Fallon’s Super Bowl puppy prediction.

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