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Jimmy Fallon invades Los Angeles: Billboards posted all over for ‘Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon Billboards
Jimmy Fallon Billboards
Jimmy Fallon Billboard/J Jill

Jimmy Fallon is staring directly at my office. And he hasn't stopped peering since Friday. The late night talk show host hasn't blinked either. The explanation? The new billboards for Fallon’s new show are up around Los Angeles. After his final show of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday the star is taking a week for his new gig, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. According to US Weekly on Saturday the final show included the Muppets and he gave a heartfelt goodbye to his old show.

Jimmy Fallon billboards started popping up in Los Angeles on Friday night after Jay Leno retired from the Tonight Show. The billboards make Jimmy Fallon look huge and the billboard across the street from the office is a little scary. Walking by with the dog, it’s obvious the talk show has to be at least 30 feet high which would make his nostrils like a foot wide (roughly as this is a sign after all.)

Apparently the new talk show host of late night is watching over the city. And he’s been able to see all my moves this weekend. He saw I arrived late for work after stopping for coffee (there was another billboard across the street of the bakery) and there is even a billboard outside the grocers where I stopped to pick up oranges. Billboards up and down Melrose, Sunset, Hollywood Boulevard and more. He's even seen along Interstate 10. Apparently Jimmy Fallon is everywhere in Los Angeles!

When people ask residents of Los Angeles why all the interest in Jimmy Fallon, the obvious answer is that he’s watching everyone. Who is not wise enough to smile and think of the late night talk show host when Fallon is peering on the streets of Los Angeles?