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Jimmy Fallon ends ‘Late Night’; 3 odd Fallon gifts to buy before 'Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon Earrings
Jimmy Fallon Earrings

Jimmy Fallon fans had a bitter sweet moment on Friday night. The final show of the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had the beloved Muppets singing out the star as he ends his career on the show. The sadness is temporary as he is slated to start The Tonight Show in ten days. According to the New York Daily News on Friday, the star was emotional as he said goodbye to the 12:35 time slot.

No Jimmy Fallon for ten days? Here in Los Angeles, the fans of the popular late night host are sitting on their porches bummed on Saturday morning. The Olympics will be in Jimmy’s old time slot, but it’s just not the same. No Olympic athletes are going to break into song or offer a slow jam of the action on the slopes. From one fan to another it’s going to be seem much longer than ten days, but together Jimmy Fallon fans can be ready for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

First thing Jimmy Fallon fans need to do is get a “Eww” ringtone. Why not hear Fallon’s voice on your cell? It’s going to be a while before he gets back into character. Can you hear Jimmy Fallon now…Eww!

Wear Jimmy Fallon with pride. Anyone can pick up a shirt from NBC, but who has Fallon’s face on their earlobes? Guys and gals, can get these cool little earrings and have Jimmy’s head on each side of their head. It’s like Jimmy Fallon is part of your day, in a very, very strange way.

Put a Jimmy Fallon poster on the fridge and celebrate his previous job. Yeah, he got a promotion, but why not celebrate too. One poster is good and two posters shows commitment. Cover the fridge with posters? Welcome to the Fallon club. Putting Fallon posters inside the fridge? Take them out ASAP. That is just plain troubling as you don't want him moldy!

Jimmy Fallon’s move to the Tonight Show is going to shake up the late night audience and more people are going to be watching this talented comedian. Every fan of Jimmy Fallon, from Los Angeles to New York, should pour a shot and raise their glass to the sky as a toast to Jimmy’s success. It’s only ten days to a serious promotion! Congratulations!

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