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Jimmy Fallon does top 10 reasons David Letterman is retiring

Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to David Letterman on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" Friday night, attributing Letterman as the guy who gave him his first break guest hosting. Fallon even went on to say that he felt that experience was what gave him "the bug" to get into the talk show business.

Jimmy Fallon did a top 10 list for why David Letterman is retiring
James White/NBC

Fallon also talked about how kind Letterman was when he visited him on the set of "The Late Show" when they had Paul Schaffer as a guest, and how he told Fallon that he never had all the cool stuff he did on the show.

"I'm jealous of your linoleum," said Letterman, according to Fallon.

The latest host of "The Tonight Show" also praised Letterman as "one in a million" and a "Hall of Famer."

After that uncharacteristically serious bit showering Letterman with praise as an icon of late-night TV, Fallon finally gave him what is perhaps the most fitting tribute of all -- a top 10 list of the reasons why he is retiring. If you've been living under a rock for a couple of decades and don't know much about Letterman, he's known for his top 10 lists, so obviously this was done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. But with love, also.

Check out the video of Fallon's praise and top 10 list.

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