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Jimmy Coco's Tips on Using Contouring to Get a Beach Bod in No Time!

The Spray Tan "Diet"
The Spray Tan "Diet"

Living in climates that have consistently warm weather is both a blessing and a curse. It's amazing to have the option to visit the beach (almost) any day of the year. But it's another thing to feel bikini ready at a moments notice. Thankfully our favorite spray-tanner to the stars, Jimmy Coco, is back to tell us how contouring with sunless tanners can make it seem like you've been lifting weights everyday instead of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

When it comes to contouring there are several spots Jimmy says benefit most from the process, "Abs, Bust, Decollete and Jawline- for face framing. Slimming contouring down the hips is also beneficial." And we agree a little trim off the hips never hurt anybody.

Looking to get a tan before your next vacation or big event? Jimmy tells us its best to get sprayed one to two days before. This will allow your tan to full develop and look it's best. We were curious as to whether or not a dip in the ocean after we've tanned would wash off all of our hard work. Jimmy tells us this isn't so, "as long as your tan was already applied and you have showered off residual cosmetic bronzer or "tint" left-over from application" then your tan will last for your sunny vacay. Even with a spray tan it's still very important to wear SPF when you're out in the sun and Jimmy agrees!

If a bikini clad event pops up before you can get in your next spin class, Jimmy tells us you can contour at home with a few expert tips. Jimmy recommends standing naked in front of a mirror with good overhead lighting so you can see the contours of your body. Apply self-tanner to desired areas using a dab of self-tanner on your fingertip tracing your natural contour lines as seen in the mirror. Below are Jimmy's tips for contouring popular trouble spots.

  • Instant Abs- Contour the center line of the abdomen using a dab of self-tanner on your fingertip. Trace the center line of your abs from below the sternum continuing down the center of the tummy, stopping slightly below the belly-button. This contour line slices through any belly-fat or water retention, instantly reducing the appearance of a pudgy belly, leaving you with toned abs. The lines on either side of the center abdominal line, (obliques) should be contoured as well.
  • Thigh Slimming- Apply extra self-tanner in a vertical oval from your hip bone down to your mid-thigh, or as needed to slim-down the overall appearance of your hips and thighs. This also gives your butt a "lifted" appearance!
  • Highlighting Your Face- Apply tanner under the jaw-bone from back of jaw to your chin (on both sides) to frame the face.
  • Breast Lift- Apply self-tanner around the outer part of the breasts, leaving the upper cleavage area slightly lighter to make breasts appear lifted.

Jimmy's final tip for keeping your contouring looking au naturel? A little bit goes a long way. Jimmy notes, "with minimal lotion applied to your finger-tip, lightly trace the areas you want to contour. Then apply self-tanner over entire body as directed. The subtle lines will show through for sexy contouring".

Happy Tanning!

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